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US Gov/Central Bankers Getting Ready To Limit Free Speech

from X22 Report:

Episode 591

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1 comment to US Gov/Central Bankers Getting Ready To Limit Free Speech

  • duhhhh

    The mafia’s short-term action plans work 6 months to a year+ in advance. So why the drop in oil prices? Why the Charlie Hebdo psyop in Paris? Whats coming up?

    1. The UN Climate Change Fraud Conference is in “PARIS” this december while you’re distracted during the holidays. Yes thats why Paris, yes thats why a Charlie Hebdo false flag psyop, they need to control their fraudulent narrative. EVERYTHING in the mafia’s playbook is dependent on the fraud science of global warming (agenda 21, smart meters, chemtrails, global wifi skynet). Draconian laws must be passed to further their control. They’re losing the infowar, so they have to restrict the truth, ie restrict your rights and censor your speech. Expect more fake bs muslim crap to justify more restrictions.

    2. The world is in a depression and the slaves are angry. Yet the US election for the #1 mafia puppet is coming up next year. Imho, the drop in oil prices is an attempt to stimulate the economies to mitigate the slave anger. The mafia had Hitlary slated for the slot, but she’s garbage and they dont have anyone else ready. They’re afraid an outsider may get in and still further slow their agenda.

    Prepare and stay vigilant, the mafia is losing and will take us to WW3 to cover its crimes. They will draw first blood.

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