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U.S., Turkey set to sign deal to train, equip “moderate” militants in Syria

from PressTV News Videos:

The United States and Turkey are set to sign a deal to train and equip what they describe as moderate Syrian opposition forces.

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2 comments to U.S., Turkey set to sign deal to train, equip “moderate” militants in Syria

  • nycjeff

    Psaki must use some heavy sedatives to sleep at night.

  • Ed_B

    This is complete BS. Just Who The F*** are these supposed moderates? People in the West seem unaware that friendship and trust are, at best, fluid in the MENA area. They are subject to change and do so often, depending on just what advantages one can wring from various deals with various factions that are always in motion. Those who are “moderates” today may be raving terrorist mad-men tomorrow and back again the next day. IMO, a lot of these people are f***ing insane and no deals can be made with them that will not turn to complete crap when it is to their advantage for them to do so. That the West continues to court these people is absolute proof of their incompetence.

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