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TOPIC: Kitco: USD, equity markets “a safe haven?” LOL!!

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

As I’ve noted on many occasions; the Wonderland Matrix has long passed the dividing-line between “merely silly” and totally insane. Today’s nonsense from Basher Central is a particularly absurd illustration of this.

Today, these paid Liars are presenting the “hypothesis” that the USD and its bubble-equity markets are “the new safe haven.”

Where do you start? As I’ve noted on many previous occasions; we begin with the fact that the USD is already worthless, based on three, different fundamentals. But despite being already worthless; it’s currently being manipulated to an ultra-extreme price.

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2 comments to TOPIC: Kitco: USD, equity markets “a safe haven?” LOL!!

  • mac

    USD is obviously not worthless..this is hyperbole, and comes from ‘reaction’ against the manipulators…so we say over the top stuff…as ‘victims’ we rage….
    Kitco is a psy op that is basically anti-gold. Period! This is old news, very old. The Kitco Gang!

    They and Bloomberg are propaganda central (sure cnbs is there, too).

    • Jerry

      “USD is obviously not worthless”

      I agree. It is funny when someone says that the dollar is worthless how they will still carry this “worthless paper” around in their pocket instead of throwing it away. Actions speak louder than words.

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