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Too Good For The War Junkies

by Walter E. Williams, Lew Rockwell:

Hunter S. Thompson died 10 years ago this afternoon when a .45 caliber bullet fired from a Smith & Wesson Model 645 he was holding passed through his brain.

He wanted it that way.

Hunter was a profoundly gifted writer, sportsman, gun lover, and cultural icon. Mostly he was my mentor. No one affected my view of life more profoundly than he did. And, I miss him.

But, I am glad he is not here today, not forced to watch the death of the American Dream he predicted 40 years ago play out like a slow motion train wreck at the hands of low-rent fascists and warmongers while the anesthetized General Public looks the other way at the Super Bowl or Kim Kardashian’s ass, or wherever they are told to look at by the New Owners.

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