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To Camo or Not To Camo?

from Survival Blog:

When considering what one needs during a TEOTWAWKI scenario, clothing is always on the list. We often choose our clothing based on the features of either looks or functionality. However, when preparing for TEOTWAWKI, we need to take both types of features into consideration, especially with camouflage!

Almost every person I know plans on using some type of camouflage, whether its a military or tactical pattern that is their choice for everyday use. This is perfectly acceptable, but I constantly tell them that they should not limit themselves to just one pattern. Let’s look at two scenarios that may affect what one might wear or carry.

Scenario 1:

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1 comment to To Camo or Not To Camo?

  • Camo Gets you SHOT

    The BEST “Camo” for EVERY situation where you are NOT trying to “sneek up” and kill or attack something (or to evade).. the BEST CIVILIAN clothing which is the LEAST THREATENING to Law Enforcement, Military or FEMA, etc.

    Business suit and tie, dress shoes or at least, dark, simple footwear.

    In EVERY “crisis” in the world, military, police, etc, are VERY afraid or VERY worried about protesters, criminals, illegal militias, etc. The BEST way to DEFUSE the fears or “concerns” of Law enforcment (which often is staffed by IGNORANT, Testosterone, GUNG-HO, egotistical, UNinformed GOONS.) They won’t know much about the Constitution, rights, warrants, or freedoms. They have their ORDERS and they have their GUNS and plenty of “back up”.

    Hence,, you need to put them “at ease” with your “UN-threatening” appearance. GOONS are NOT worried too much about “businessman/clergy-sheeple”. But if you are wearing MILITARY-hunter, sportsman clothings, gun racks in your truck, NRA stickers, Gun symbols, etc,, then YOU’LL be the FIRST one who gets shoved off into the FEMA camps.

    The BEST Vehicle? Is NOT a 4×4, and NOT anything that looks like sportsman-hunters or military,, but the BEST vehicle looks like a SOCCER MOM taking her little girls to SUNDAY school.

    The Logic of this,, is “The BEST way to hide a TREE,,is to put it in the FOREST.”

    The quickest way to get yourself SHOT,, is to appear as if you are prepared to wipe out the local road-block-law enforcement checkpoint.

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