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The US, EU, and NATO Are Terrified

from Lew Rockwell:

Marc Faber, “The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report,” discusses the possibility of a Greek exit and whether it could lead to a strategic relationship with Russia.

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1 comment to The US, EU, and NATO Are Terrified

  • anon

    The Western Central Bankers want global hegemony, via their “Federal” “Reserve”/IMF/SWIFT system, and they also want their partners in control of Russia’s RESOURCES, which is why they are demonizing Putin, because Putin either put them in jail, or kicked them out of the country. Plus the Western Central Bankers always need war upon which to profit, at the expense of the people, to continue to exist, to depopulate, and to divert the public’s attention away from their illegal control over the American people’s currency, that should be printed by the U.S. Treasury, interest-free, as United States Notes, rather than via the privately-owned, so-called “Federal” “Reserve”, as “Federal” “Reserve” Notes, which they can manipulate to artificially create such events as the Great Depression (Sept. 1929). Whatever Greece decides to do, is the choice of the Greek people. Period. The U.S., “EU”, and NATO (and the Western Central Bankers behind all three) need to accept the decision of the Greek people, and live with it.

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