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The Plan to Implement Widespread Mind Control In America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

When I wrote the following words almost three years ago, I was met with extreme derision and accusations of being a crazed lunatic with paranoid laced conspiracy theories. “Soon special interests, university think tanks, combined with key federal agencies, are conspiring to implement (not plan) complete control over the Internet”. Today, most people in the know are not laughing at this statement. In fact, after my recent interview with Doug Hagmann, in which Doug described how far the plans to eradicate free speech on the Internet have gone, many are very alarmed. Here is the point, yesterday’s crazy conspiracy theory is today’s bona fide threat to personal freedom and well-being.

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1 comment to The Plan to Implement Widespread Mind Control In America

  • Ed_B

    Mind control? How about using the public “education system” to simply destroy the minds of the young? That seems closer to the truth of our current situation. It is absolutely ghastly what has happened to the knowledge that average people once had compared to the idiocy that is so common today. An older American cannot even speak with the young generation today due to this vast gulf of ignorance that separates us. Fortunately, many families do all they can to bridge this gap and raise their young to understand that reading and learning are both fun and incredibly useful. Self education via reading and discussing what we have read easily outshines the so-called education that is provided to most children today. My own kids are adults now but if they were children today, I would not put them into one of those propaganda camps that are called schools these days. They would be in a private school or home schooled, as either of these is superior to the dumbed-down drek that is served up as public education today.

    All this said, I do not blame the teachers because they have to teach what the school district requires them to teach. I married a teacher and my daughter is a teacher, so I know how this works… or doesn’t work, as the case may be. No, it is the education system that is at fault here for not teaching that which is relevant. Mention the Federalist Papers to young teachers today and you will get a deer-in-the-headlights look about 90% of the time. The tenth one will have heard of them but will have no idea what they are. This is sad beyond pitiful, IMO.

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