The Phaserl


The Lie We Live

from Freshtastical:

Exposing the truth about our corrupt world and what humanity has become. This short documentary film questions our freedom, the education system, corporations, money, the American capitalist system, the US government, world collapse, the environment, climate change, genetically modified food, and our treatment of animals.

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4 comments to The Lie We Live

  • Spose the bible is on to somethin?

    • Gnostic


      Once you truly read & understand the bible you will see it is the playbook for hell on Earth.

      • Sayldog

        Another great knee-slapper from the Gnos! I mean the part that insinuates you’ve actually read the Bible – because it’s clear from your obvious failure to understand it that you haven’t (just reading the “dirty bits” doesn’t count). But hey, you are just as entitled to your opinions and beliefs as…say…Jacobson. Now I wait in anticipation of your wise reading of me and everyone else, because…you know….you know everything because you’re awake!

  • npz

    I watched this today and was very impressed to see such a young man who put this together. Great job and a very nice piece to share with my kids, wife and informed friends.

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