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The largest bracket of tax payers in the United States is made up by those making $15,000 a year or less

Half of all federal taxes paid by those making $250,000 or more. Sample $50,000 budget.


New IRS tax filing data sheds an interesting light on the American economy. Americans for the most part comply with paying their taxes as measured against other countries. However, when we look at tax data we get an interesting picture on the low wage economy. As it turns out, the largest tax bracket comes in the form of those making $15,000 or less per year (this group makes up 25% of tax filings). What the data also finds is that households making $250,000 a year or more make up 2.4% of filers but pay 26% of all federal income tax. So when we hear about large spending proposals we have two ways to fund them. It means higher taxes or simply more deficit spending. We’ve already covered how inflation is really hitting the family budget even though we continue to hear stories to the contrary. Just look at the actual numbers on real life spending. The IRS data always gives us a nice look at how household spending is measuring up.

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  • DDearborn


    Here is the real rub: the richest 1% make as much money as the bottom 80% but only pay 26% of the Federal income taxes. And the richest 1% pay about only about 10% of the total taxes generated nation wide from all sources. Now you see why we have a deficit. The rich are making all the money and the poor are paying all the taxes. The deception begins with the difference between the effective total tax rate and the published rates. The really rich shield almost all of their income from taxation. The rich and the corporations they own, DON’T PAY MUCH IN TOTAL TAX. Consider that a almost large percentage of the fortune 100 PAID ZERO INCOME TAX LAST YEAR.

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