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Texas Mother Puts Gun between Herself & Two Would Be Intruders to Protect Son

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

You know what they say, “Don’t mess with a mama’s babies.” Two would be intruders found this out as they attempted to break into a Texas home and found a mama bear with a gun protecting her son.

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April O’Neil, a stay at home mother, recounted the moment her eyes made contact with one of two men who were attempting to break in her home.

“It was this look like, I could read it in his face that he wanted in here and if he got in here, he was going to hurt us,” she said of the incident on Thursday.

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6 comments to Texas Mother Puts Gun between Herself & Two Would Be Intruders to Protect Son

  • glitter 1

    Even Joe Biden says stick a 12ga shootgun out the back door and fire it off!

    • glitter 1

      Shotgun – dah

    • Ed_B

      Yep… yet another dumbs**t lib policy that is bound to get someone in more trouble than it can get them out of. Sigh…

      So what happens next? This protective mother gets arrested for endangering her son by keeping a deadly weapon in the same house? Idiocy of this kind would not surprise me one bit. Seems as if there is an idiot contest out there to see which minor officials can be the most idiotic. Just when we think that the last act of stupidity cannot possibly be topped, IT IS!

  • Mark

    She is lucky her house did not get invaded by cops or her and her child would be dead. At least you have a chance with unorganized criminal elements.

  • f16hoser

    Better yet, did she blow their heads off? Now that would be entertainment at it’s best. Dead Dumb Asses. BRILLIANT!

  • Jerry

    If these two men were really trying to get in they would not be simply banging on the window and knocking over her patio furniture.

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