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Suing The Bank – What’s Next For The Canadian Money Masters?

from Press For Truth:

The Bank of Canada is facing a lawsuit which seeks to restore it to it’s originally intended purpose…how will this impact the international bankers and is this going to truly benefit Canadians who are seeking to “take the power back”? To discus this and more Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews economist and documentary filmmaker Bill Still.

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1 comment to Suing The Bank – What’s Next For The Canadian Money Masters?

  • Willy T

    This is exactly what should happen, not just here in Canada but around the world. In order to be free, we should not be subject to these kinds of practices by governments. The debts governments incur should not be forced onto the our backs. If we ever want to get out from under this financial slavery were all subject too, they need to win this lawsuit. What’s even more disgusting is they are trying to hide this from becoming mainstream news. I hope they win and set some precedence for other countries to do the same.

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