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Study: Rise in Childhood Autism and Cancer Related to Human Fetal DNA in Vaccines

from TRUTHstreammedia:

Editor’s Note: This study has not been widely discussed. It came out right as the big Ebola scare was taking off. Considering the debate over the MMR vaccine and the current measles outbreak, and considering the White House just granted immunity to the CDC Whistleblower to testify (although he’ll likely lie or wind up dead, that’s just how things go in this corrupt country these days), this study is more than relevant to revisit today.

While The Daily Beast, a left-leaning establishment-supporting outlet, raises a claim the study below is inaccurate here (and, if you look even today, the place seems to love to sling around the phrase “anti-vaxxer”), the actual article on TDB never even addresses the study’s data itself or the conclusion, but instead employs a logical fallacy strawman argument against said study authors (not seeming to even research who they are specifically) and even the journal the study is published in, never actually addressing the data itself or its findings.

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