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Silver & Gold Dealers To Be Shut Down? Update On Operation Chokepoint – Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

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9 comments to Silver & Gold Dealers To Be Shut Down? Update On Operation Chokepoint – Mike Maloney

  • Gnostic

    I wonder if this is the point where it is written in the Jewish moneylender playbook, the bible, where we will toss our gold & silver into the street? I am sure they will be there to pick it up.

    The Script(ures) are playing out just as they created it to do. Is it any wonder they own hollywood? soon the world will lick the dust from their feet as their god yahweh promises, and what christian can argue with god?

    • Regardless of how you feel about Jews, Hollywood or anything else along that line, there are two events that are going hit the planet: The Rapture of the Church as depicted in I Thessalonians 4:16-18 I Corinthians 15:50-58, and the planetary financial collapse.

      While this reply will not be theological in nature, there are three things that the Rapture and the financial collapse have in common:

      1) Both events are eminent. You cant pray, fast or wish either of them away. They’re both coming and there is nothing you do to stop them.

      2) Both events will come without warning. Neither event requires a precursor event in order for them to show up on the world stage.

      3) No human being on the planet (including your Pastor) knows which event will happen first.

      So how are we to PREPARE for either event?

      1) Pray up. If you don’t know God, get to know Him. If you do know God, REPENT to Him.

      2) Stock up. Have AT LEAST 30 days of food, water, medical, and personal supplies ON HAND.

      3) Arm up. WHEN (not if) the financial collapse happens (assuming the Rapture doesn’t happen first) you will need something more than prayer to repel marauders (regardless if they’re civilian or government) from invading your home.


  • sam

    @SEAN: If TPTB are successful at shutting down the PM dealers and many of the miners what would this mean for the PMs pricing mechanism and ultimately their price?

    ALSO- additionally, what if TPTB destroy COMEX knowing that it will cause great distress what would this do to the price of PMs?

    I ask these questions because I read something about TPTB taking down the stock exchanges et all. After all, they have plenty of money. Now they want more control.

    Thanks Sean for the great job you do at bringing us real news.

  • AgShaman

    You will see some players going “Galt”….before the end of this nightmare

  • Johan

    Rest assured the financial collapse will come first

  • Gnostic

    some players will get raptured, beam me up scotty.

  • willy groper

    chokepoint is going after food also with legislation guised as food safety.

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