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‘Secret’ Gold Repatriation: the Banksters’ Newest Bullion Scam

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Many previous commentaries have detailed the mounting crises faced by the One Bank in its own paper-bullion markets. Invariably, these “crises” are 100% self-created. This is easily illustrated by reviewing a few of its current (increasingly serious) problems.

1) No one has seen the 10,000+ tons of gold which the U.S. government claims to have been storing (on behalf of itself, and other nations) for roughly 60 years.
2) The reason why no one has seen this gold is that most of it does not exist, and of the small fraction that remains, any audit would reveal that every bar had been pledged to numerous (dozens of?) owners.
3) Those owners are now “requesting” (demanding?) that their gold be returned to them.

Why does the U.S. government (and its Big Banks) no longer hold all the gold that it used to hold – and still pretends to hold? The short answer is that the One Bank is a clan of psychopaths, which chooses to employ psychopaths as most of its senior henchmen.

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