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Scientists Fear CIA Funding Geoengineering to Control ‘Weaponized Weather’

from TRUTHstreammedia:

It is no secret to anyone paying attention that controlling the weather has not only been going on for decades, but now, under the pretext of containing global warming, it is coming out of the lab and going mainstream, but that doesn’t mean the efforts to geoengineer that planet are accountable, transparent or under control.

In fact, a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab scientist warned that a rogue geoengineer could even hold the power to blackmail the planet.

The issue at hand is who is steering the weather… not whether it is being steered. While the masses are debating that the chemtrail phenomenon daily vandalizing our skies is conspiracy make-believe, others are watching for clues to what has been dubbed, a ‘New Manhattan Project’ – evidently ongoing for decades now, pursued by scientific and military entities, but executed under silence and ignorance in the public. Peter A. Kirby detailed much of this recent history of secret chemtrail experimentation:

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1 comment to Scientists Fear CIA Funding Geoengineering to Control ‘Weaponized Weather’

  • KSKing

    Weather warfare is nothing new, the Geneva Convention from ’77 as a provision banning it;
    The Vietnam war was a test bed for environmental modification.

    It dawned on me recently that climate change is real, but it is not caused by man’s actions accidentally, but by his deliberate actions through geo-engineering. They are not just causing it to rain or not here and there, they are manipulating the jet streams. Weather is but one battlefield in the ongoing war. Imo WWIII is already engaged. Currently the battlefields are financial, cyber, media, weather, and proxy (ISIS, Syria, Ukraine).

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