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Scientific Evidence of an Ambient Intelligence

from ZenGardner:

Scientific evidence of an Ambient Intelligence has been found through experiments in Wave Genetics, and through experiments involving Spin Field technologies. Experiments at Lebedev University (equivalent to our MIT), in Moscow, have irrefutably demonstrated that the so-called “vacuum” has a memory: Also see:

Briefly, a DNA sample is inserted into a vacuum-tight container, and set into a vacuum chamber. Laser-correlation spectroscopy instrumentation [by Malvern, Inc.] is used to measure the tiny electromagnetic field strengths and structures which exist in the vacuum chamber, before, during, and after the DNA sample is placed in the vacuum chamber.

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  • rl

    “After painstaking analysis of the instrumented data, they were “forced to admit” that the vacuum has a memory! Then the quest was on to find out, how is this possible, since there is not supposed to be anything in there, other than nothing. Eventually their explorations arrived at the conclusion that there had to be a something in there that was retaining the E/M information, in the manner of a memory. It just wasn’t “ponderable matter”.

    Forced to admit is relevant if you are simply trying to prove one thing that might be preconceived or held as fact and need to disprove something else to do that. In any case unbiased inquiry seemed to be no more in corporate science where the money dictates salaries and findings. True brains that choose not to incorporate massive egos on par are rare I can tell you working with the type for far to long.
    This is big in so far as being reported and well written. The notions they use to tell you all sorts of reason for what is simply depopulation are based in DNA and its preeminence; its unchangeable cause and effect. These notions will be rolled out in full sooner than later As well as to remind you that the vast majority of your DNA is “junk”. Nonsense. Retards in lab coats…

    “The DNA does not make our bodies the way they are. The DNA is merely a factory that mass-produces the pieces and parts which are internal to each individual cell. The DNA factory manufactures the various protein structures which form all of the tiny parts of each cell, such as the mitochondria, cell walls, and so on. Then just as with any other factory, the DNA factory needs instructions on how many of each part need to be built, and in what order, and then needs to know where to ship those parts to.

    Those orders are not built into the DNA, as many people have been misled to believe. There are no such instructions internal to the DNA factory. So where does the DNA get its instructions, so that it knows how many of each part to make and where to ship them?

    It turns out that there is an “environmental factor”, an ambient intelligence that has perfect and intimate awareness of all these situations and issues direct instructions to the DNA factory about how many to build of what, and where the resulting manufactured parts are destined to go. This is not imagination or supposition or conjecture. This is the fact of what the DNA is and what it does and how it works.”

    I have talked about the “spark” that is being sought by those who believe themselves to be gods on earth.
    Can you say CERN?

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