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Russia’s Quiet Moves to Dominate Key Metals

from Outsider Club:

Back in September, a strange story broke that never really made it into U.S. headlines.

A major company publicly announced it wanted to purchase up to $2 billion worth of precious metals from the Russian Central Bank, and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch had expressed interest in financing it.

So far, not too bizarre, but here is the thing: Russia’s Norilsk Nickel and a group of investors wanted $2 billion worth of palladium.

The very same Norilsk that produces about 40% of the global supply.

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5 comments to Russia’s Quiet Moves to Dominate Key Metals

  • Gnostic

    I have commented several times here @SGT as to expect BIG moves in Palladium, my conservative prediction of $10,000/oz still stands.

  • chris

    I’m thinking of investing 10,000$ (10%)us from my LIRA (locked in retirement account what is the best etf to follow?

  • Ed_B

    It is also of historical note that any time the price of platinum falls below that of gold, it’s a good time to buy platinum or swap gold for it. Au is at least 10x more common than Pt and usually sells at a premium to the yellow metal. That is not the case these days but it will be once again.

    I have used the PPLT ETF from time to time as a trade and have made money with it. It’s not a long-term hold for me but for a year or so, it’s not a bad place for your “mad money”.

    Note that this in no way replaces phyzz gold or silver. It is in addition to it.

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