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ROB KIRBY: THE LIES & DEPRAVITY of Politicians & The U.S. Mockingbird Media

from SGT

Rob Kirby of Kirby joins me to dissect the latest REAL news and information. We start with the latest lies about Putin and Russia and quickly move on to the duplicity and treachery of the mockingbird mainstream media.

Rob breaks it down perfectly, “The reality is the media conspires with and is complicit with the governing class and the financial Elites and the Globalists who control the world… This speaks to the very essence of everything we talk about because we can bracket it all by saying, conspiracies DO exist, conspiracies are actually the norm rather than the exception and they are hiding in plain view when you’ve got sniveling lying scumbags like Brian Williams who are given such a wide berth to sell such enormous lies in so many different areas regarding issues that so profoundly affect everybody. So there it is, the stench of the mainstream press. This is a very very profound event that has occurred with Brian Williams because what it has done, it’s put a big label on the entire Western press as treasonous pieces of garbage…These people, you can’t say nasty enough things about them. But you know what? They’re signing their own death warrants by doing what they’re doing.”

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34 comments to ROB KIRBY: THE LIES & DEPRAVITY of Politicians & The U.S. Mockingbird Media

  • Kim

    Hello Sean, What a brilliant interview, please send me your personal email.
    Cheers, Kim

  • rl

    For me anymore Rob is just about the last one, or maybe the first one really to be truly straight forward about what needs to be said and why. Whitling it down to kirby as I have has made alot of my once soothsayers disappear like noise in the fog. He is my only must listen (finally). Really glad to see him here Sean and with each passing interview it has become quite clear to me that you are indeed a master of the mic, as your talents speak for themselves.

  • long john silver

    Good stuff as usual, Rob speaks my language!!

    Two thumbs up..

  • Willie

    Obama is the head Cockroach… He lied about or reversed course on most all of the things he said he was going to do during his campaign. “Hope & Change” has somehow morphed into more of the SOS to a higher power. Kirby is outraged… He’s a Canadian and Americans, if they had the brains and cajones, should have marched on DC by now and lynched most of the SOBs who have sold them out..

    Amerika has been subverted much like Greece has been given the illusion that by electing a new government, they will somehow break free of the parasites that are sucking their economy dry. When a nation becomes too restless the parasites are wise enough to throw them a curve like Obama or now, Syriza in Greece along with the separatist movements in Italy & Spain. They throw them a carrot and then they beat them with the stick. Most humans are hopelessly naïve and easily misled.

  • wauhoo

    I always look forward to your Sunday night interview posts and this one was a gem. Thank you Sean for all that you do for us.

  • Eric

    Jim Rickards is a flunky for the globalist cause who pretends to be a gold bug and provided legal counsel to Italy after Draghi stole their gold!

    I think that’s the last we should hear about Jim rickards. Nuff said. Did we ever find out where those 3 investment bankers worked? Just curious.

    Good interview guys. Rob is one straight shooter.

    • Eric

      I should correct that…

      Jim Rickards is a flunky for the globalist cause who pretends to be a gold bug and provided legal counsel to Long Term Capital Management after Draghi leased out Italys gold to invest in LTCM which went belly up.

      You have to wonder how much of this is greed, or ineptness, or just executing the luciferian plan.

  • PeterB

    Rob Kirbys one of the best analysts out there. Great interview Sean.

  • Michael

    Rob is one of the right person to make it easier to understand what is going on. One of a few that are the brightest and best. Thank you Sean.

  • Michael

    Rob is one of the right person to make it easier to understand what is going on. Forgive me for sounding like Cody.

  • Ken

    What is with the visceral hatred of Jim Rickards? Maybe he is an instrument of the TPTB, but we all have an agenda. From my listening/reading of him, he is presenting various options that “they” may be considering and doing. I don’t recall him saying the SDR is the answer, just that it may be the path they want to take. Just because you are willing to discuss something doesn’t mean you believe it. I do note that his tone has become more worried lately.

    Taking anyone’s verbiage as the absolute truth is a fools game. I for one value speculating and investigating possibilities. All those things (including this site) go into the bone soup from which I take my meals. Rather than attacking who he is, an analysis of what he is saying, which parts you agree with and which you disagree with would be much more useful. What I heard here sounded more like a pontificating shill.

    • SGT

      Hey Ken, I hear ys, but I don’t think Rob’s ability t tie Rickard’s to the Long Term Capital THEFT coverup makes him a pontificating shill. You will continue to see some videos posted here which feature Rickards because he’s no dummy, and we ought to pay attention to what he says because the way Rob and I see it, Rickards is a quasi-official mouthpiece for the PTB within the US govt’t, Pentagon and CIA as it pertains to future monetary policy and ongoing currency wars. Hope that helps.

      • Ken

        Hmm, this (and others) came across to me that we should write off anything he says. I discount it because of the background but don’t throw it into the bit bucket without consideration. Binary thinking is an aberration.

        I’m going under the viewpoint that he is softening us up to accept the SDR. I think of these things as more of a meme cloud. Just because I don’t believe in a particular one doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. That others believe and act on them affects the world that I live in.

        If I’d caught wind of the descent into ZIRP and NIRP a few years back, I may have avoided some of the pain I’ve endured the past few years.

  • KSKing

    2 big thumbs up to RK. I’m not sure I agree that the Brian Williams psyop is going to have some major negative impact on the nightly news casts. This was done to show that the media polices it’s own when they lie, to try and build rapport that everything else is on the news is trustworthy. This story is laughable compared to the monstrous lies perpetuated in the MSM on a daily basis.

    What is hurting MSM is that reality and the official narrative are diverging so much that more and more people cannot help but admit that the official story is BS. At some point the rainbows and roses fable is trumped by reality kicking you in the face, gut, and groin. At some point physical reality trumps the mental illusion. This is where we are today.

    • Gnostic

      KS, Very well said!

      PS- Great interview with Kirby, Honest to the point.

      PS 2- Please Read

      If you want as Paul Harvey says “The Rest of the Story”

    • KSKing: “This was done to show that the media polices it’s own when they lie, to try and build rapport that everything else is on the news is trustworthy.”

      Yes, this is what I see as well. It’s basically damage control. After all, they own the airwaves completely so they could have simply ignored the Brian Williams lie rather than pumping it up, making a big stink, suspending him, etc. — like you said, it’s to fool us into believing they have integrity. And yes, it’s a laughable story compared to The Big Lies that every last stinkin’ one of these scumbags on the airwaves are guilty of. 9/11 takes the cake for me, of course, because in my book silence = complicity. But then, much to the chagrin of many, I use the 9/11 litmus test on virtually EVERYBODY, not just high profile journalists, newscasters, politicians, and corporate heads, but people down here in the trenches who still don’t get it and refuse to look. I just have zero tolerance for willful ignorance anymore. It’s too late for that kind of complacency and denial. /rant

      9/11 Is the Litmus Test

  • AgShaman

    Great interview. I like how Rob employs the cockroach term with flair

    A lot of these dead banksters are tied to the technology and derivatives because those are the “vehicles” thru which the major theft takes place. They are silencing the people that can point a finger at which parties set up these fraudulent casinos…and, on behalf of which certain parties the capital being stolen is then meant to be on the best end of the funnel.

    Dot Guv must silence these bankers….or face the scrutiny that comes with trying to explain where the ill gotten gains went….and for what “projects”

    There are many dark projects the shadow govt has been funding with stolen loot for decades. To let the public find out about these projects is to let the cat out of the bag about the Secret Space Program, Space Age Weaponry, and Technological discoveries and weapons that are meant to be used against the proles.

    The Breakaway Civilizations have no intent to share what they built….from all the booty they have stolen

  • It is not just the liberal MSM that fail to report and expose the Fed, bankers and all the others who are destroying the Constitution. “Conservative” Fox News plays a significant role in protecting them also. If they get their way, they will shut us down on the internet. Right is now called evil, and evil, good. The rule of law is now used to protect evil and nullify those who dare stand up to defend what is right and good. The battle is between evil and truth; those of us who dare to speak truth are branded as evil. How sad it is.

  • rl

    Saw a post on a private forum that Catherine Austin Fitts has talked about comcast/nbc whacking people and whacking the payroll. Hit pieces all. Dont know what is the concensus here, on her, but she has been right on target with her slow burn theory of the noncrash…
    Wasnt able the find a piece from her about nbc yet but a search points to comcast/nbc demises of Tim Russert back when to Ned Colt for one just in the last 7 days or so. Comcast contractee Cosby was wiped out being splattered across the airwaves finally and then, as we know, Williams got toasted. My point is we can easily forget that NOTHING is by chance on the screen or in the “news”, all 100% scripted down to the tee, period. We see the constant illuminati jive all over the tube and for those of us that pay close(r) attention we see the rest, ie, vigilant citizen…
    We see banker falling from the 33rd floor at number 33…
    So let me know if any of you good insighters have a good take on any of this? Also came across this after many names were found.
    I am never want to tell a man his business but she might be interesting to talk to Sean(?).

  • Fedup

    “Useful idiots” and sympathizers….

  • JC

    Great dialogue Sean. Rob is one of the best voices out there and one that I over time gave grown to trust. Please have him on more regularly.

  • Steve_D

    Great guest Sean, Rob is one of the good guys.

  • jeff

    This Brian Williams farce is just part of the unending joke being played on the people. The media could have sat on or minimalized the story but instead went balls to the wall with it.
    I think Williams pissed off somebody in high places. Thus your sacrificial lamb, ala Bernie Madoff.
    Yes Sheeple, we are exposing the lies and corruption, just trust us, we are the good guys.

    • Ed_B

      “Yes Sheeple, we are exposing the lies and corruption, just trust us, we are the good guys.”

      You just have to love it when some group or other comes on with BS like this. The truth is that WE do not define ourselves as “the good guys”. Others are happy to do that when we BEHAVE like the good guys. For example: I knew that I was good at my job, not because *I* said that I was but because others with and for whom I worked said that I was. They are much more objective than I am about myself, as is the case with just about everyone and every group or organization. Objective kudos are the only ones that are really worth having. 🙂

  • Sam

    Great interview Sean, Rob gets right into it without pulling punches like his bud Dr Jim Willie.

  • Pete

    I’m sorry but Ron Kirby is clueless about Jim Rickards. He is an analyst who has been telling people to buy gold and other hard assets for years. When he talks about the SDR, he is only presenting the concept of what the likely response to the next financial crisis would be. He says that they will probably TRY to keep the system afloat with the SDR. NOT that that is the best way or his way. He says that a gold standard is the way to go but the powers that be would only go that route as a last resort. People only hear what they want to hear. I thank God for Jim Rickards for getting me to understand today’s financial mess and how best to protect myself and my family. Jim Rickards said in a recent interview that his favorite president was President Andrew Jackson because he Abolished the central bank!!! So focus on helping people rather than judging people and the world will be a better place

  • rl

    Once again proof positive that people are to stupid for any of us to ever be free…

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