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Read food labels before eating food? What about vaccine ingredients?

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

If you are one of those people who reads most labels on food products before you purchase and eat them, then you are scanning for additives and ingredients that either you are allergic to, are genetically modified, are processed, are dead or are simply not what you prefer to consume. You flip that product over and find that list, and you know most of the dangers, the carcinogens, the “repeat offenders” of health detriment which you’ve read about and researched, at least a little, but enough “to know better.”

Now consider this. You certainly would NEVER want to eat mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde, the embalming fluid used for the deceased, yet hundreds of millions of people let nurses inject them directly into their blood and their muscle tissue. Anyone who questions these ingredients in vaccines is simply told that the amounts are too miniscule in vaccines to do any damage, and that they’re “necessary” to preserve and carry the virus throughout the body so you can create antibodies to fight off the “real thing” later. You may also get migraine headaches and vomit from MSG overload when you eat too much, yet it’s in most vaccines, including flu shots. This form of injecting carcinogens into the body and muscle tissue means all forms of human immunity are bypassed, including breathing filters, digestion process, filtering organs and mucous membrane formation. The body goes into shock, and the hyper-reaction, the doctors and nurses will tell you time and time again, is just your reaction to the little bit of flu virus you just received, so headache, stiffness, sickness — they are all typical symptomatic reactions to the inoculation. That’s a fat lie.

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