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Rand Burnishes His Libertarian Credentials

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Many libertarians and former supporters of Ron Paul can tell you the exact moment when they realized that his son, Rand, was not cut from the same cloth. For me, that moment occurred during Rand’s Senate run when he released a gung-ho, warhawk, “win the war on terror” type advertisement suggesting that, whatever his actual view on America’s overseas military commitments, he bought into the phony, manipulated, staged war on terror itself. Or, worse yet, he was shamelessly pandering to those who have bought into it.

For others it may have been when he endorsed Mitt Romney over his own father in the 2012 election race in what many have alleged was a back room deal for Ron to concede the 2012 nomination in exchange for party backing of a Rand 2016 run. Others may have been disgusted by the way he treated Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and Abby Martin of Media Roots as they tried to ask him questions about this endorsement; Rand sicked the Capitol Police on them, forcing Martin into a Senate Media Relations Committee interrogation and trying to strip her of her press credentials. Others may have been disheartened by Rand’s repeated attempts to cut all Palestinian foreign aid while continuing aid to Israel. Still others by the recent fiasco that saw him immediately walk back his comments on the vaccine/autism connection at the first sign of pushback and even tweet out a photo of his smiling self conveniently receiving his Hepatitis A booster at the height of the fiasco.

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