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Outrage: Border Patrol Ordered To Release All Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers: “Allow Them to Go On Their Way”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

If you are caught driving while intoxicated and happen to be an American citizen then you’re going to be arrested, fined, and potentially jailed – and rightfully so, as by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs you are putting the lives of others in danger when you drive on public roads.

But, as we’ve come to learn in recent years, if you are an undocumented alien who has entered this country illegally, the laws don’t really apply to you. You not only get to break the law by entering the United States without authorization, but you also get free health care, housing, food and tax refunds even if you falsified your employment paperwork.

Though all of the afformentioned benefits have crossed the line as many hardworking Americans struggle to make ends meet for their own families while also paying for the free ride being given to illegal immigrants, the latest move by the Obama administration is nothing short of outrageous.

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3 comments to Outrage: Border Patrol Ordered To Release All Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers: “Allow Them to Go On Their Way”

  • pvtskulker

    Woh to the policeman who allows a drunk driver free passage if it results in vehicular manslaughter, both will be culpable and hopefully sent to prision.

  • Captison

    I did not read this entire article, but I disagree with the first paragraph outright. If someone is caught driving drunk (especially by gov’t standards), why would it be “rightfully so” that this person should be kidnapped, extorted, and imprisoned? It is not right to violate a person’s rights because he or she MIGHT violate someone else’s.

    Certainly the Border Patrol should stop these illegals, and they should only be allowed to “Go On Their Way” back in Their Own Country!

  • That1Guy

    You must have a victim to have a crime. Crime prevention is not a crime.

    If you think this is a good idea for DUIs. Dont complain when they stop you from doing something that they deem preventative. Like stacking or preping perhaps for starters?

    Read up on “4 felonies a day” book. They can arrest anyone as everyone commits 4 felonies a day. It just depends on when they feel like taxing and inconveniencing you. There are 10000s of laws for this point.

    I agree if someones actions victimize another they should be responsible, but what about when theres no victim?

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