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Obama, Wealth Taxation, And (More) Lies

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

“Tax the wealthy.” While it’s gradually, grudgingly becoming a more-popular refrain in our ultra-unequal societies, it falls far short of ranking as any sort of brilliant insight. Instead, it belongs under the category of “nothing could be more obvious” for a multitude of reasons, but three stand out.

1) The wealthy (and in particular the Top-1%) are far, far wealthier than at any time in history.

2)  No one else has anything left to tax.

3) Even after their scorched-Earth assault on our social programs; our corrupt governments have brought all these regimes to the brink of bankruptcy.

While all of these regimes should be in the process of orchestrating our latest Debt Jubilee; their puppet master (the One Bank) is adamantly opposed to this necessary process. Why? Because it is the Puppet Master who is collecting interest on all these (totally parasitic) national debts. Thus our governments “need money” (even in the eyes of the banksters themselves), and there is only one, possible (legitimate) source for new tax revenues.

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1 comment to Obama, Wealth Taxation, And (More) Lies

  • Fred Hayek

    I love Jeff’s stuff overall but “scorched earth assault on our social programs”? That’s beyond mere hyperbole into outright falsehood. Maybe that would merely be hyperbole in some other country. It’s fiction in the U.S. Bush spent like crazy apparently as part of a Karl Rove plan to pacify the opposition. Obama’s been more of the same.

    If you want to argue that a lot of it’s poorly targeted spending and that there are obscene amounts of corporate welfare that ought to be reformed before any welfare programs dealing with actual people I’d be right there beside you. But there hasn’t been any scorched earth assault on social programs in the U.S.

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