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Obama Closes Ports

from William Mount:

Per the Obama Administrative Goal of destroying America, the Ports Have Closed Right On Time.

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3 comments to Obama Closes Ports

  • Don't fall for the Stage-Act

    I am still amazed at how STUPID these people are,, who complain about “Obama” (Demoncrats) or Bush (Repukicans).
    The DANCE of the “2 Party system” is just a Cheographed Musical Stage act. It is meant to be a distraction for people who don’t have enough SENSE to clearly think about “the wizards behind the curtains”.
    It’s not the face on the stage,, it’s the WRITERS & Directors BEHIND the scenes who call the shots.
    Anybody who still worries about Liberals or Conservatives,, you guys are just Darwin Award Fodder, waiting to be EATEN by the HIDDEN Elites of the world.

    One thing we ALL can do to fight the system, is to STARVE the BEAST. Grow you own FOOD (it’s like growing GOLD). Preserve your food. Buy & stack silver, gold, ammo, food, etc.
    Get outta debt. Get outta banks, Fraudstreet, etc.

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