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Nursing Homes Legally Kidnapping Elderly Patients to Collect on Medical Bills

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Every last vestige of American culture and decency is being gutted, it seems, by the insatiable greed of the ruling class den of vipers, which is now voraciously targeting the hard-earned estates of elderly nursing home patients and their families. A recent report in The New York Times (NYT) explains how a law created to protect the aging from being financially exploited is now being used for just that, leaving behind a devastating wake of pecuniary ruin.

It is known as the “guardianship statute” in New York State, and it was enacted in 1993 for the purpose of protecting those who are no longer able to manage their financial affairs due to incapacity. It was meant to be particularly helpful for elderly individuals without friends or family members in their lives to effectively manage their estates, establishing that a court-appointed person, typically a lawyer, be assigned to act as guardian in lieu of these deficiencies.

But this guardianship clause has been hijacked by money-hungry nursing homes like Mary Manning Walsh (MMW) in Manhattan, which is using it to extract money from patients who can’t or won’t pay disputed medical bills. In the case of 90-year-old Lillian Palermo, whose co-pays not only doubled recently out of the blue but who also hasn’t been cared for adequately by MMW, according to her husband, the care facility filed a six-page petition for full control over her money due to unpaid bills.

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