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Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

from The Daily Bell:

On Twitter recently, someone asked the question “Why do people doubt science?” Accompanying the tweet was a link to an article in National Geographic that implied people who are suspicious of vaccines, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), climate change, fluoridated water and various other phenomena are confused, adhere to conspiracy theories, are motivated by ideology or are misinformed as a result of access to the ‘University of Google.’ … Who tweeted the question and posted the link? None other than Robert T Fraley, Monsanto’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. – CounterPunch

Dominant Social Theme: A plague of scientific doubts is upsetting the proverbial applecart. Monsanto’s feelings are hurt.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve noticed an uptick in this meme over time. In various feedbacks, we’ve noted commentators being questioned regarding their educational background. For instance, someone may make a comment on the ‘Net regarding the lack of believability of global warming. A retort may feature the commentator’s lack of formal educational background, the implication being that if he or she doesn’t have a PhD in the field, then the opinion is uninformed.

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2 comments to Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science

  • Hannon

    Nobody stopped believing in science, they stopped believing in there lies that are told in the guise of science.

  • Pippi

    OK, wait, was that the science that showed all the animals getting tumors that ate Monsanto GMO foods, or the studies showing how many kids that get vaccines develop autism and other serious health problems? Or was it that people found out how much money the US Government paid out last year to vaccine injured children and their families? Not sure what science is being referred to…the phony stuff put out by Monsanto and big pharma, or the studies buried by them. Maybe it was referring to Monsanto buying out a company to shut them up after a large number of bees dies as a result of eating GMO food.

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