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Meet The Industry Behind This Staple ‘Health’ Food Fighting GMO Labeling

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Once you’ve started drinking Monsanto’s kool-aid, it’s hard to stop. In unfortunate news, the sugar beet industry of Idaho, who has bought Monsanto’s Round-Up Ready sugar beet seeds meant to withstand copious spraying with glyphosate-based herbicide, is putting on hold GMO labeling initiatives in the state.

Ignoring piles of scientific studies which have shown that glyphosate causes everything from cancer to altered DNA, antibiotic resistance, kidney disease, and reproductive failure, the sugar beet industry has been purchasing Monsanto’s seeds because they have reduced the labor and chemicals needed to grow sugar beets and have reduced sugar growers’ costs. They certainly don’t want to have to label their toxic sugar beets, since they show up in thousands of products sold on grocery store shelves. This is why Idaho sugar beet growers started the discussion about lobbying the Idaho Legislature to pass a bill prohibiting the mandatory labeling of food products made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

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