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McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

[Ed. Note: I once read an amusing satirical headline at The Onion which has always stuck with me. It read, “McDonald’ stock price plummets as hungry people turn to food.” …It’s funny because it’s true.]

by Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society:

The impossible is happening: McDonald’s is quickly diving out of its stable stock position and into a world of financial hurt as citizens of the United States and elsewhere have decided they are completely done with the company’s frankenfoods.

The decision has hit McDonald’s so hard that its own CEO has even stepped down following the news of continued decline in the company’s most recent briefing. The world’s largest restaurant chain is frantically replacing its foundation in an attempt to recover, from removing its CFO and CEO to launching a new ‘trendy’ advertising campaign that premiered at the Super Bowl.

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7 comments to McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

  • f16hoser

    It’s fake and it taste’s like Shit. Nuff said.

  • Suzanne

    Yup, crap is crap!
    I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t handle fast food at all. It is all loaded with MSG and HFCS and I can’t even digest it.
    Better to go for peanut butter on gluten-free crackers.

    • Hannon

      Lol, sometimes I get stuck at work for several hours past when I should have gone home, I do a lot of physical labor and can’t go that long with out eating, so I keep a box of gluten free crackers and a jar of peanut butter in my pack for just in case 🙂

  • Steelerdude

    havent eaten at mc’ds in over 10 years…nuff said

  • Eric

    I guess the zionist rabbis secret is out. Nobody likes eating ground up children.

  • Troy

    McDonalds and Monsanto are evil corporations and are knowingly giving people cancer.

  • MrsBlu

    McDonalds is so nasty. My family stopped eating there 6+ yrs ago. I am actually vegan now. I eat real food…like non GMO plants. My cholesterol at 35yrs old went from borderline high to normal after 6 months….my triglecyrides went from very high to normal. I used to love meat and cheese. Anyone can do it! At any rate, i am very happy we as human beings are demanding good food to nourish our bodies. Its no wonder the medical industry is booming….everyone (even kids) are getting sicker and fatter every day. I think we are fed this crap then we get sick….pay for doctor…pay for meds….visit doc again because of needing to treat side effectscfrom 1st medicine. Now the person is on 4 pills to treat one problem!!!! PROPER DIET AND PROPER PORTION CONTROL!!!! Wake up guys!!!

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