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Martial Law by Executive Order

by Coyote Prime, Running Cause I Can’t Fly:

Benito Mussolini defined Fascism as the “merger of government and corporatism.” We’ve witnessed the financial rape of this country by the banksters and their co-conspirators in the government, who have failed to prosecute a single case against any of the Too Big To Fail swine, despite outright theft of trillions of dollars. We’ve all seen, and many have experienced, job loss from offshoring companies to third world countries for cheap labor and tax avoidance. We know of the totally pervasive spying/surveillance on Americans by the NSA and every other alphabet agency, recording and searching literally every single electronic communication in the country, and the world. We know Congress is worthless in protecting our interests, just well dressed cheap-money whores only interested in “campaign contributions” and getting themselves re-elected to the Big Club in DC. Look around… what’s it look like to you? What about the 2,770 armored personnel carriers purchased by Homeland Security, which also bought 2 billion rounds of ammunition? Or the troop and materiel movements all over the country? Do you doubt for one second who will be on the receiving end of all that firepower? Or the 800 FEMA camps all over the country? Who do you suppose will populate those? Martians? So, they finally got what they wanted, absolute power unrestrained by law, and the total, “legal”, destruction of your rights and liberty. “Freedom and Democracy”, those worthy fables so beloved by the American masses, are dead, and have been for a very long time. Now it’s “legal.” And before your eyes glaze over and you recite, mantra like, “Oh, that could never happen here…” read the whole “Martial Law” post. Guess what? It HAS already happened here… – CP

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1 comment to Martial Law by Executive Order

  • Ed_B

    “Or the 800 FEMA camps all over the country? Who do you suppose will populate those?”

    My best guess is that the mooch class will populate those. They have been trained all their life to sit on their ass with their hands out for everything they need but are too damned lazy to work for. When the SHTF, these people will need to be put somewhere. First it will be FEMA camps and then it will be in the ground. Fighting to the death to avoid these damned camps WILL BE a viable option. If enough people do that, there will soon be no one left to put others there and that process will stop.

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