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Little Boxes on the Hillside… And We’re All the Same

from TRUTHstreammedia:

We have indeed been reduced to mere cogs in the machines… look around us at the automated, redundant, cliche, monotonous and generic society that has been built up around us. Conformity becomes us.

No one is saying that your home and your things define you, but just why exactly are they ALL virtually the exact same? Just little cookie cutter houses. Everyone’s “just doin’ their job.” All the smart devices are just spying. The subtle tyranny creeps in.

Mind control in its blandest form, creating predictable, simple people, with simple problems, too trapped in a maze of sameness to ever look upwards or outwards, too concentrated on the tiny problems of fitting in and making it up the corporate ladder to do much questioning of the system. Too worried about keeping up with the Jones’ to question why we’re here, what it means, and why things ended up this way.

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