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Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood.

from Smoking-Mirrors:

May your dogs always have empowered noses to smell out the truth.

The faecal media has come out with some early statistics concerning the presidential election, due to begin this year. It’s already begun actually. Here is some jive monkey information that is meaningful only to those paying to have it put out for your attention. Just to show you how jive this is, among those mentioned is Colonel Sanders and Jack Webb and both of them are, I’m pretty sure, dead. “Dum de dum dum. Dum de dum dum dum dum” By example of how fraudulent their numbers are, they specify Ms. Lindsey Graham is a front runner simply because he is leading the polls in his home state. He’s not doing much else anywhere else. However… when you are in the business of manufacturing lies for the purpose of promoting liars into positions where their lies can influence the desired policy of (drum roll) Bankers for the purpose of financial PROFIT, the truth is incidental to the needs of the moment.

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