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Is the True Source of Chemtrail Aerosols… Coal Power Plant Ash Waste?

from TRUTHstreammedia:

As author Catherine J. Frompovich duly notes, the fertilizer and nuclear industries have long orchestrated dumping fluoride wastes into our drinking water supply – dubiously touted as a health benefit while in reality just an expensive-to-dispose-of industrial waste. Additionally, the national security atmosphere surrounding nuclear waste has enabled “white lies” about the benefits of fluoridation to be widely circulated, with little questioning or opposition from the public; meanwhile, a complementary agenda of population control – through a mass “dulling” and limited thought through calcifying the pineal gland – is apparent.

Is the same happening now with the almost ubiquitous chemtrail aerosols? It stands to reason… the unfolding of an agenda is apparent to anyone who dares to look up and ask critical questions. The levels of denial of chemtrails and ad hominem attacks against those seeking to bring attention to the issue fits with a secretive double-agenda to control the population while dumping pollutants that industries would otherwise have to pay big money to dispose of properly.

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