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Is Russia Ready to Neutralize the Bankers’ Nuclear Option?

A Monopoly No More!

from The Wealth Watchman:

This week we take a razor sharp look at the checkered and troubled past of the world’s premiere international wire transfer system for banks: SWIFT.

We examine the nearly unmentioned law that that DC passed, which pressured those within the SWIFT system to become a venue for financial terrorism.

We review SWIFT’s use as a recent political weapon against an unfortunate, sovereign country. Lastly, we take a gander at Russia and China’s progress in creating a counter-weapon to neutralize the ominous threat which SWIFT poses.

Is Russia’s finally in the position to neutralize the ominous, bankster threat of “SWIFT Deletion”?

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2 comments to Is Russia Ready to Neutralize the Bankers’ Nuclear Option?

  • A. Laluz

    Thanks for a clear and comprehensive explanation of Swift.

  • anon

    “Neutralize”? The Central Bankers’ (‘City’ of London/Wall St./D.C./Pentagon) Nuclear Option? Not sure if that is possible. We can only hope so. THE LAST THING that this war-weary world needs, is another war, let alone a NUCLEAR one! We already have nuclear contamination in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, and our own aging nuclear reactors/power stations are already leaking nuclear contamination, in various places, around the U.S. Do we really need to ADD to it? Perhaps, but only in the minds of sociopaths, psychopaths, and related control-freaks. How SUSTAINABLE is Nuclear Power, over the long-term, anyway? Maybe THAT is the question we should be asking.

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