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I Woke Up To 500 Emails Saying…YOU WERE RIGHT!

[Ed. Note: There is nothing more painfully ironic and insulting than Greenspan being given the “Presidential medal of freedom” by George Bush in 2005 (pictured). Unless of course Bix is right…]

by Bix Weir, Road To Roota:

I’ve been busy over the past few days. No doubt about it. Sometimes, life seems to throw you everything at once and this has definitely been one of those times for me.

But I do try my best to keep up with emails and clear out my inbox as often as possible. I had done just that yesterday morning so imagine my surprise when I woke up to over 500 emails from different subscribers around the world saying one thing…


What prompted this new flurry of “awake-ness” was an article posted on Zero Hedge that was titled: Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen”

Most of you know that I have been analyzing “how we got here” for over a decade and have discovered irrefutable evidence that Alan Greenspan was charged with destroying the unbacked fiat monetary system and taking down the banking cabal starting all the way back in the early 1960’s. Ultimately, it will lead us back to a true and honest Gold Standard. That is what the Road to Roota Theory is all about.

Greenspan IS Roota!

Those who have no idea what I’m talking about can either read my hundreds of articles I have written on the subject or just read this single testimony from the man himself…

Greenspan’s Golden Testimony

I have always said that the TRUTH will come out in the end…and that time approaches quickly!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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9 comments to I Woke Up To 500 Emails Saying…YOU WERE RIGHT!

  • Gnostic

    this is a joke, right?

  • Rusticus

    Yes, that beautiful One World Monetary System dawning over the Eastern sky, its golden sheen makes me grin with anticipation!

    …or not.

    But perhaps the BRICS will save us! Zhou Xiaochuan, Alan Greenspan, and Robert Kuhn all together in a ménage à trois of Golden Ecstasy!

    …guess that won’t work, either.

    I’m becoming far less frustrated at the people who peddle this ignorant saviour/Gold Standard BS, which is so obviously untrue and has no basis in history or reality, but instead with the people who swallow this shit like it’s a chocolate sundae on a hot summer’s eve. Are people really this stupid, or is their attention span just not long enough to read the documentation that prove this drivel to be patently false?

  • NIX

    There is shitt in this world upside down that keep on amazing me! what if…

  • Michael

    The medal around his neck is missing a star point.

  • anywho

    I rather like Bix. He has an upbeat personality. He appears rational & he doesn’t spew rage like Jim Willie or Martin Armstrong.

    It’s just that his whole premise is based on a CARTOON he saw on a Boston Fed webpage.

    Let’s consider the article his post is based on. It’s a reprint from SHTF and the material is several months old. Meanwhile PMs continue to sink ….oh wait, No worries, the RESET is just around the corner. Creditable figures such as ZAP, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, mountain goat, cobra, say so.

    So is that where the PM blogsphere is now at? Any hope of PMs climbing is gone except for the outlier of a global gold reset. That’s pretty tenuous.

    I don’t mean to make fun of Bix, or others for that matter. But let’s be clear about this, the majority of PM analysts have given up hope of PMs rising except for this once-in-a-lifetime, six sigma, black swan event of a global Gold (and by extension Silver) reset.

    Why not just acknowledge it upfront.

  • The Truth

    What Most People do not know is that the Fed is already getting ready to pitch the new system to congress on March 2nd. All banks will be Basel III compliant by then. So even if gold goes down in paper, it will be for the banks to back up the truck and suck what is left so those who do not have already will suffer or have to buy from them later.

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