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How Technology Will Take Your Job and Create God

from WeAreChange:

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the science correspondent of reason magazine Ron Bailey about the future technological advancements that will affect our social economic dynamics. They get into the future economic trends and possibility of singularity in the near future.

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4 comments to How Technology Will Take Your Job and Create God

  • Sayldog

    Yeah, I don’t know. Pie-in-the-sky talk of “re-greening of the world” while in real life nobody seems to have the slightest idea of what to do about Fukushima. Meanwhile, NASA wants to put a submarine into the methane seas of Jupiter’s moon Titan. Stupid. Our modern day Priest Class of scientists and technocrats may prove to be our downfall, not our saviors. Bailey may be optimistic about the future, I’m less so.

  • Johan

    How is putting a sub on Titan stupid?

    Should we just stop inventing things?

    • Sayldog

      Take that remark within context of the entire comment. I don’t think it is prudent to consider spending what….billions of dollars?…on such a venture while we have something as dire to our very survival as Fukushima continuing unabated.
      Whatever may be found under the methane seas of Titan will still be there later, assuming we can survive the immediate future.
      It’s a matter of priorities. Disagree?

  • monica

    i was fine with the descriptor of “stupid”. it is stupid. how about we spend our money to improve any of the MANY seriously broken down systems we have right here on earth. how about we clean up our act here before we go crapping up ANOTHER planet.

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