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Historic + Global War On SILVER!

from TruthNeverTold:

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5 comments to Historic + Global War On SILVER!

  • Eric

    Yes! “Buy whenever you can.” I just bought at 1300/18, watched it get slammed down 2 days later, and you know what? I don’t care.

    Oh boy. Cheerios just went on sale. Should I buy now or wait?

    It doesn’t matter how many ounces you have. It matters that you are stacking and that you continue stacking. I’ve seen so many people buy, buy, buy, buy and then stop. Are you not working? Are you done saving and now you are just going to live it up and exhaust your savings? Stacking is Saving! If you thought it was a good idea to stop stacking because you can’t find a job, then learn new skills! I can’t believe I know so many people who not only don’t see the reason to save wealth, but they actually talk themselves out of getting a job.

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste. But I guess that’s what people like to do. Thankfully there are still a lot of people left to do the thinking for everybody. It’s too bad they talk but don’t listen.

    I can’t remember when it was. It seems like forever ago, but I am so thankful I found Chris’s videos and SGTreport early on. All anyone had to do was asking good questions and seek out the answers. This isn’t rocket science.

  • WillyT

    You’re right Eric, it’s not rocket science it’s all about who is in control, however, and it sure as hell ain’t us. I keep hearing the end is near, the final stages of the end game is here. Sad thing, the end has been near for about 5 years now and it’s no closer to the end than it is to the beginning. The beginning of what you as? The end of the beginning that began 43 years ago. Hopefully the global reset happens SOOON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>so we can actually say we are at the beginning of something new. As this is getting very old. TPTB remain in control, sickening it is.

    • Eric

      Control of what Willy? Do TPTB control you? Or do they presume to? I am in control of my destiny. Not them. It is closer to the end. This fiat system is in its last days. I for one cannot wait either. But don’t wait to start the next paradigm. We want it in place as much as possible before this one collapses. I keep waiting for everyone to get on board the THRIVE train. I’m pulling the whistle and screaming all aboard. Yet most of them are just watching it leave the station still not even wondering if they should buy a survive ticket.

  • WillyT

    No they are not in control of me Eric, or my thoughts, my attitude, or my life. Just for now they are in control of paper/finances. As much as I hate saying it they are and until they let go of that part of life I cannot nor can anyone move forward in the way we would like.. That’s what I’m so tired of. I’m waiting for something new this is getting OLD!!!!!!! , I’m tired of trying to wake people up and I’ve been waiting for that train for a long time. I’m all set ready to go at the drop of a hat, just waiting for the old to die before the new can happen. It seems it’s all been close so many times it just never happens. As much as we hate to admit it, they are in control of the paper which is all just a bunch of garbage IMHO, but for now that is what’s still making the world go round.

    • Eric

      Let go of the garbage then. I did. All my mail (garbage) goes in the paper shredder (compost). Forget about waking up sheep. When they’re ready, they will start asking questions.

      I don’t know what people are waiting for. Just ignore them. Create your own reality.

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