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Higher Interest Rates on the Way

from AltInvestorshangout:

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3 comments to Higher Interest Rates on the Way

  • Ed_B

    “Higher Interest Rates on the Way”

    Yeah. Right. As if the weak US economy could stand that or the US Gov could afford to continue bloating up the debt via higher borrowing costs. Not bloody likely, in either case.

  • Rob

    While you may be right(in reference to the video) its quite simple.

    You steal from the public,you call in your favors from those that you gave stolen money to,you rob other countries gold and resources,you sell arms,weapons,terror cells to the highest bidder,you get kickbacks from all the contractors you gave no bid contracts to put pressure on the drug cartels help grow the illegal drug market usurp the government you are running and you fraudulently manipulate the entire planet.

    I may have left a few items out but you get the picture im sure.

    See its easy.

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