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Here’s a Startling Fact about Mr. Obama’s New Budget

from Sovereign Man:

On February 2, 493 AD, two barbarian kings signed a peace treaty pledging to lay down their weapons and rule Italy together. The first king, Odoacer, had taken over Rome 17 years before in what most historians view as the official “fall” of the Western Roman Empire.

Theodoric, on the other hand, was the 39-year old king of the Ostrogoths who had moved swiftly into Italy and taken over many major cities. People were sick and tired of fighting. And when the two kings decided to settle the peace, there was much to celebrate. A grand banquet was organized. They ate. They drank. They slapped each other on the back and talked of the future.

Then, in an epic Game of Thrones moment, Theodoric raised his glass, toasted his new colleagues, and slaughtered Odoacer right where he sat.

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