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Growing Problems Leading to US Dollar Crisis-Peter Schiff

from USA Watchdog:

Money manager Peter Schiff says forget about the Greece debt questions; the problems in the U.S. are far worse.

Schiff contends, “I am even more concerned with the problems with the dollar. The dollar is benefiting right now because most people are just concerned about the euro. So, the dollar gets stronger because people sell euros and buy dollars, but they are missing the bigger picture. We have even more advanced problems with our currency than they have in Europe with the euro.”

Schiff goes on to enumerate the financial problems the U.S. faces such as, “The degree of debt we have, the degree we are dependent on artificially low interest rates which are obviously unsustainable and the massive trade deficits we have chronically year after year. Last month, we announced the biggest monthly trade deficit in our history. These are growing problems that are ultimately going to lead to a U.S. dollar crisis. Right now, people are confident in the dollar because they believe the Fed can raise interest rates, and we can actually afford to pay the higher rates–which we can’t. We can’t do it. If the Fed raises rates, we will have a financial crisis.

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1 comment to Growing Problems Leading to US Dollar Crisis-Peter Schiff

  • gary h.

    can’t wait til Schiff needs to borrow money from the central bankstards[for his new bank],& then gets to experience unjustifiable crushing debt,that the banksters of course,simply made the currency they lent him from thin air.. i can’t wait.
    “!! this isn’t fair! help!” I’m being screwed!
    Rand is nothing like Ron ..Peter nothing like Irwin..Governments AROUND THE WORLD MUST make their own currency!..backed by a hard asset if possible[or the government WILL overprint of course..a gold backed currency is not the answer either..a silver backed currency may just be the answer..a gold backed currency would be fine with the banksters who own most of the world’s gold,& will quickly take back control of everything]
    we the people MUST STOP these ridiculous central bank loans at interest around the world,
    all loans of course are made from phony fiat currency made from thin air,backed by nothing..[the last 40 years is the first time in history gold or silver HAS NOT BEEN MONEY IN ANY COUNTRY]
    wallet size pieces of worthless paper with illuminati symbolism[in the U.S.] & ink on them or just computer digits..this untenable,ridiculous system IS going to is only a matter of when..not may as well be NOW,with Greece starting the derivative dominoes falling..the longer this farce continues,the worse it is going to be..
    & finally finally put these satanic central banksters striving for their new world odor in jail,& throw away the key..

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