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Greece Tilts Toward Russia

from Brother Nathanael:

IT’S DEJA VU all over again. But this time the adversary is well known and protected against.

In 2007, Greek prime minister Karamanlis and Russian president Putin were on the brink of signing several agreements including major energy accords extending to 2040.

But with the Mossad’s and CIA’s plot to assassinate Karamanlis due to his boosting ties with Orthodox Christian Russia (Jews fear the Russian Church) and his toppling in 2009 just prior to Papandreou signing Greece’s death warrant with the IMF, that all came to an end.

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5 comments to Greece Tilts Toward Russia

  • Rodster

    This one will probably happen. Greece is giving the EU and it’s banksters the middle finger and Russia wants to do the same to the West. Greece could use the investment money from Russia and China’s high speed rail projects in Greece.

  • Gnostic

    Many nations are simultaneously giving the middle finger to the elitist Jews & their puppets in USSA & Britain.

  • pvtskulker

    The Westen Elites are just stoopid enough to try to bump off the Greek Government.

    • Willie

      Lines from the movie “Payback”.

      Carter: Mr. Bronson always said: “If you don’t understand something then get rid of it.”

      Porter: Speaking to Bronson… “You are going to deliver my money.”

      Bronson: “You’re an audacious man.”

      Porter: Speaking to Bronson on bomb wired telephone… “You were right, you should have never trusted me.”

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