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Greece Refuses “Deal”; EU Demonstrates Corruption

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

As we see the cat-and-mouse game being played between the honest/legitimate government of Greece, and the traitors and psychopaths representing the EU; the TRUTH is obvious here to anyone who even understands the lies (i.e. propaganda) coming from EU leaders, and parroted by the liars of the Corporate media. Greece’s position is simple: no more FAKE BAIL-OUTS, where the nation (and its people) are deeper in debt after the “bail-out” than before the “bail-out”. Greece Says ‘No’ To Fake Bail-Outs

How corrupt are the Traitor Psychopaths of the EU? They either continue to PRETEND that they don’t understand the concept of a fake bail-out; OR, they have been lying to us (and each other) so much, for so long that they genuinely no longer even understand what they are doing.

Either way; we are at a stand-off. And even HERE; we see the EU’s Traitor Psychopaths insisting that Greece has no choice but to “request an extension” on its current debts. What does it mean when any Debtor simply receives an “extension” on repayment terms? It means MORE INTEREST continues piling-up on that debt.

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