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Greece At the Crossroads

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

I don’t want to leave anybody in suspense, so let’s cut to the chase: Syriza is just the flip side of the austerity coin and nothing they propose is going to fundamentally change the conditions that have led to the Eurozone’s systemic crisis.

How do I know? Well, let’s imagine what the headlines would read if a truly paradigm-shifting, revolutionary party came to power in Greece.

If there was a real revolution underway, we would be reading this on the news ticker: “New Greek PM: Greece to Withdraw From EU Immediately.” Instead we get this: “Greece will do ‘whatever it can’ to reach deal with EU: spokesman.”

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2 comments to Greece At the Crossroads

  • Willie

    BAU… A lot of the sensationalists and self-promoters have been saying that this (new Greek government) is “the end of the Eurozone” or the “end of the Euro” but all they are doing is making a lot of ado about nothing. They will continue to make a lot of noise while nothing new will happen in Greece.

  • rl

    I will say it again, they will shop for the best deal taking the new cream off the top for cronies and their own pockets as all parasite types waving flags do. These new politicians will firmly grab greece by the shoulders and bend em over just like the old ones. New saviors for old so pay attention and remember to keep that firm grip on your ankles when yours show up too.

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