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Greece as a Pawn in Putin’s Chess Game vs. the West

by Martin Fluck, Casey Research:

Last week the world woke up to the fact that Greece’s new government holds a geopolitical trump card: it can hold the EU ransom by threatening to break the fragile consensus on Russia.

The renewal of sanctions against Russia requires the unanimous support of EU members… which means Obama’s alliance against Russia needs Greek cooperation. What’s more, Greece has veto power over whether NATO can retaliate for an attack on any of its members. Article V, which states, “[A]n armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all,” may only be invoked with unanimous agreement among NATO members.

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1 comment to Greece as a Pawn in Putin’s Chess Game vs. the West

  • Randy0302

    President Putin will not let this opportunity go to waste. All eyes are on Greece. If Russia works with Greece as a partner, improves the economy (it cant get worse)and helps the people not only will they demonstrate the failure of western parasitic banking policy but it can be juxtaposed in relation to how the US “helped” the Ukraine.
    If we nuked the Ukraine they would be no worse off than the State Dept/CIA rolling destruction.
    In 2014 we arranged the return of the Crimea to Russia and now the BRICKS lead by Russia will start to be given EU countries…..probably 5 or 6 this year.
    It is almost funny. The world has been run for at least 100 years, maybe 1000, by children. Children with no higher ideals than greed and power? Spiritually retarded.

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