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Frank Underwood Cares: A House of Cards Political Ad

from ReasonTV:

When it comes to teaching Americans how government really works, the Netflix series House of Cards teaches us more about politics than all the Schoolhouse Rock songs and West Wing reruns put together, times 100.

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1 comment to Frank Underwood Cares: A House of Cards Political Ad

  • Just watched the first episode of Season 3 which apparently was released this evening on Netflix. Thing is, yes it’s more accurate than a lot of other shows in depicting the evil in the political landscape, but it’s also propaganda because it portrays the President as the top dog of power. And I don’t know how many times Frank Underwood called Social Security an “entitlement program” that needs to be slashed. The clear implication for the viewing audience (especially the sheeple who really don’t know any better) is that Social Security is WELFARE.

    Then, of course, you have the targeted killing of an Osama bin Laden type of Muslim terrorist. Right, feeding right into the zeitgeist of the post-9/11 world. At least they showed the president ordering the command to launch the drone missile that killed innocent civilians, including children. That was at least somewhat more accurate of the vicious brutality behind the “leadership” of this country.

    So it’s a mixed bag. If you’re awake, the show will piss you off while you’re eating popcorn and watching Frank and Clair and their evil escapades as president and first lady. It is entertaining and at least does skirt the surface of the corruption. If people only knew how much worse it really is.

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