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Financial Markets: Pinocchio’s Enchanted Island

by Léonard Sartoni , Gold Broker:

The control of the commercials and the COMEX manipulators have is very depressing for the gold market investor. As soon as gold and the miners are about to get on another bullish leg, that the moving averages are positively aligned and re-crossing the 200-day MA, that the traders are standing by to get back in the market and are following the buying signals, BANG ! A new flash crash ! And, as usual, it is explained by vague and far-fetched reasons. The last example we have is what happened last Friday: Because of slightly better numbers on jobs creation in the United States, gold has been massively attacked and lost $40 in a single day ! Ten days like that would bring gold down to $834 ! This is gigantic ! One doesn’t have to look very far to realise that the manipulators are still running the show and are systematically keeping gold from resuming a bull market. They have failed to keep it under $1,200 for any length of time in 2014, but they are very active in keeping it under $1,300, because this would trigger technical buying orders.

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