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Finally! Chemtrails Debunked

from TRUTHstreammedia:

Darn it! Those pesky concerned citizens are at it again, always looking up in the sky and calling in worried that the government is poisoning us…

Thank goodness Steve the weatherman is here to explain everything. Well I guess that clears that up, right guys?

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3 comments to Finally! Chemtrails Debunked

  • sam

    Isn’t it interesting how ONE airplane can go across the sky and leave a trail that spreads a mile WIDE and stays in the sky for hours. While another airplane flying the same altitude at the same time leaves a CONDENSATION trail that evaporates only a few hundred yards behind it.


  • Sam, Sam, Sam…stop with the individual critical thinking. I saw some in Tennessee a few weeks ago. I took some video of it. My neighbor is a retired pilot and cannot explain what they are but he says they are definitely not contrails. Contrails, he says, do not linger that long in the sky.

  • Mike

    Sorry guys I have to agree with my son who is an aircraft maintenance engineer. His point is each jet engine on a large passenger jet cost +$10,000,000, times four is a huge part of the cost of a jet aircraft. These jet machines are precision instruments and putting chemicals in the fuel would cake up and reduce the efficiency of the engine. The repair costs would be astronomical and we would see many incidence of engine failures and emergency landings globally. Ground crews around the world would catch on very quickly and blow the whistle, which just isn’t happening. Sorry, no way chem-trails are a figment of a conspiracy person’s imagination. Sometimes we need to do a little critical thinking before we jump to conclusions. Just saying, not trying to insult anyone!

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