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Feminist ‘Music’ is the Funniest Thing Ever

from PrisonPlanetLive:

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3 comments to Feminist ‘Music’ is the Funniest Thing Ever

  • CalSailX

    With the “singing” and chopping up the doll, I was reminded of a troop of Chimpanzees dismembering a monkey. I expect them to start lobbying for post birth abortions any day now. Talk about pulling back the curtain on female nature… thank you feminists for a job well done!

  • mac

    Divide and Rule – a gender war was brought about thru a cia-Ms Mag psy ops. Gloria Steinem was the front for the mag, set up for her, and all the corporate sponsors set up and paid for Ms Mag. She was cia….Nice reality check, eh guys?

    More chaos, more societal conflict, more central bank and media control…men demotted into ‘helpers’ beneath an emotional superior.

    Feelings replace truth. And that’s the end of our traditional man.

    • NaySayer

      “Traditional” men are ending because males no longer have any standards of behavior and they no longer enforce those standards ON EACH OTHER through the one thing that males understand and respect: Male group Peer pressure.

      If women could change men we would have done so a long time ago. No, what we did was give them permission to be lazy whiny drones when what we wanted was strong individuals who kept their end up. Now all they want is a sugar mommy who will wipe their ass AND have sex with them.

      There is a reason so many women in the U.S. are in relationships or married to Hispanic men. They still have standards of behavior for what makes a male a man and not a punk. They still enforce those standards on each other. Makes them far more attractive to us I can tell you.

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