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Entire National Media Calling on Doctors to Violate Fundamental Medical Ethics in Push for Vaccines

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Like the infamous brownshirts who marched lockstep in obedience to their beloved dictator, nearly every major mainstream media outlet today is simultaneously and savagely ripping at those who choose not to vaccinate, calling for free-thinking parents to be jailed, have their children taken from them, and be forcibly injected with whatever vaccines the state deems necessary.

But this unified affront to medical freedom has one common and baleful theme that needs to be recognized by all, regardless of your personal views on vaccines — the corporate media machine is actively encouraging the medical community to abandon all established medical ethics and literally force potentially life-threatening medical treatments on people without their informed consent.

The American Medical Association (AMA) in its Code of Medical Ethics clearly outlines how physicians and caretakers are to treat their patients, and it looks nothing like the rancorous abuse by doctors that’s taking place in the U.S. today. Patients are to make their own decisions about medical treatments, according to the AMA, with doctors merely providing unbiased information as appropriate.

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2 comments to Entire National Media Calling on Doctors to Violate Fundamental Medical Ethics in Push for Vaccines

  • Bob

    If the media pushes it then we the people should bombard their websites and corporate offices with phones calls that demand that they have their kids vaccinated on public tv along with their parents. I’ll do it if they do it along side me with a batch of needles that are not pre-selected. Let Hillary get the flu shot on national tv and I’ll get on that line too and select from that same bucket of syringes.

  • andrew

    when did media get to make take side on medical advices unless they are just puppet speaking out for the puppet masters

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