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by Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show:

The world is on the verge of a global economic meltdown. What does that mean? The simple answer is that it will not be long until every modern country is consumed by hyperinflation resulting in the crash of most of the paper currencies on the planet. This will result in an economic shutdown. Starvation will become commonplace. Unrestrained violence will occur and eventually the world will slip into World War III.

I literally have at my finger tips two dozen economic indicators which demonstrates that total and global economic collapse is at hand. In the interest of brevity, I will only highlight two of these indicators and if these were the only indicators, an economic collapse would still be in our collective futures.

The  Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is absolutely the best measure of  global economic health. The BDI is used by economists as a leading global economic indicator because it predicts future economic activity. The BDI, uses the U.S. dollar as a benchmark and measures the global supply and the corresponding demand for commodity shipments among bulk carriers. Commodities, in the form of raw materials like grains, lumber, coal and precious metals form the backbone of the BDI. Over time, the BDI is the best indicator of global economic health because, unlike the futures market, the BDI does not engage in speculation as it provide near real time data on what and what is being shipped. The determinations made by the BDI are such an accurate indicator of economic activity because businesses don’t book freighters when they have no cargo to move. In short, the BDI is the world’s financial blood pressure measure. The BDI is said to be one day away from reaching its all-time low. Ultimately, what the BDI tells economists is that we are headed for a depression that will make 1929 look like a picnic. The BDI has fallen on 43 of the past 47 days.

Let’s look at this issue through the lens of common sense. If raw materials are not being transported in sufficient numbers as the BDI is beginning to indicate, what will happen  to manufacturing? To the cognitive dissonance crowd, please take off your rose colored sunglasses and honestly answer this question, what does low BDI mean to manufacturing? Low BDI means low manufacturing, period! In turn this means less finished products coming to market. Please note that the BDI includes grains in its analysis. With fewer grains being shipped to market to be packaged and distributed to your grocery outlet, this will lead to severe food shortages. This is not fear-mongering, this is simple Economics 101.

When the full effect of this impending train wreck is felt, there will not be a government in the civilized world that will be safe from assassination. I know, some of you will say that this will never happen. Well, let’s take a look at what Paul Craig Roberts is saying about the conditions in Greece.

European Union Economic Crisis

Two days ago, the Euro declined 1.3% in one day versus the dollar, leaving many European banks fearing that the bottom is falling out of the European Union’s economy. Business Insider’s Sam Ro stated  that Greek banks can no longer exchange Greece’s lowly-rated government bonds for money in the European Union. In other words, the European Union just announced the Greece’s money is worthless. What keeps an economy, in distress, rolling on day after day? The reasons are purely psychological. One Greek accepts Greek bank notes from another Greek because they have confidence that the paper currency can be exchanged for goods and services. When Greek citizens loses confidence in their ability to flip the paper money in exchange for goods and service, the Greek economy will totally collapse. The European Union’s recent decision to not honor Greek paper currency has set into effect a series of dominoes which will culminate in the Greeks not having a paper currency for daily use. Unless the European Union reverses their position, the Greek economy could be days away from total collapse. And under these highly volatile circumstances, anarchy would ensue.

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  • anthony

    I hope it happens this year… Ive been waiting for this day for a looooooong time….

    Let the GAMES BEGIN!!!

    • matt

      careful what you wish for

      • andrew james

        You can’t wish for a foregone conclusion.

      • Ed_B

        I agree, Matt. People who wish for an economic crash do not appreciate just how horrible this will be for all of us, prepped or not. There will be no escape from the S that hits TF. Some of us will just be less splattered than others. But that does not mean that the prepped will escape unscathed. They won’t. I understand defending one’s family from criminals but it will get MUCH harder when one is confronted by a scared woman who is stealing food to feed her children. Or when a child is stealing food for their family. It won’t be all black and white or cut and dried as many seem to think.

        • Eric

          I agree Ed. It seems like most people tend to think in only this or that terms. One or the other. Black or white.

          When in reality everything has different shades, tints, dynamics, etc. The world is very very gray.

        • CalSailX

          Your right Ed far to many are still going to get caught behind the eight ball, even with the lead time many of us have had to get ready. When single mothers realize their thug surrogate husband the “state”, can not maintain them in a fashion to which they have become accustomed they may revert to behavior we haven’t seen in our life time.

          I’m an old MGHOW, so I know how much trouble a woman can be in the best of times. SHTF I want nothing to do with single momma’s, if she has a young son I’ll do my best to give him enough training to keep her alive. Advising her that she have best listen to him or die! Why not try to teach her those skills, simple she’ll try to turn me into her utility to be used as she sees fit.

          Most MGTOW’s don’t hate women we just understand them, those of use that have skills useful in a SHTF situation well… let’s just say we’ll drive a hard bargain when you try to dump a woman in my lap. It’s likely to be 2000 rnds of .30-06 ammo, two cases of whisky, and I’m doing you a favor!

    • Rusticus

      I dunno what scares me more, the teeming, stupefied masses, or people like “anthony,” here.

      Both will be unpredictable in their ignorance.

  • [email protected]

    Simple rehash of this weeks news already reported widely?

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Can someone help me out here? The author writes: “Over time, the BDI is the best indicator of global economic health because, unlike the futures market, the BDI does not engage in speculation as it provide near real time data on what and what is being shipped.”, whereas Investopedia writes:


    Changes in the Baltic Dry Index can give investors insight into global supply and demand trends. This change is often considered a leading indicator of future economic growth (if the index is rising) or contraction (index is falling) because the goods shipped are raw, pre-production material, which is typically an area with very low levels of speculation.

    Because the supply of large carriers tends to remain very tight, with long lead times and high production costs, the index can experience high levels of volatility if global demand increases or drops off suddenly. The Baltic Exchange also operates as a maker of markets in freight derivatives, a type of forward contract known as FFAs (forward freight agreements) that are traded over-the-counter.”
    If there is recognised volatility in the measure, as stated in this definition, what influence, if any, would the derivatives market have in the construct of the measure?
    I note that the index is constructed from measuring 3 different sub-indexes. Could one of those indexes dominate the index, thereby skewing the reasoning for the conclusion.
    Regardless of the index, methinks we’re toast.

  • June Shellene

    I appreciate Dave’s work…but I tend to agree with Jim Willie who says theories that Putin is in cahoots with the war profiteering banking class is incorrect. Do give Jim’s latest interviews a listen. Important fork in the road here, between these two independent researchers…so, anyone who has something more on this point…I’d love to look at some more evidence. I need lots more convincing on the Putin=bad theory Dave is pushing.

  • ST


    As in tomorrow? Next week? Next Month? Next Year? Next Decade? Next Century?

    Define imminent?

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Imminent:- Pending yet visible. Look around you.
      Timeline:- Depends upon your liquidity as an individual in the first instance and then upon the solvency of the currency underwriters in the finality.
      Asking for a timeline is like asking a Swiss FX short holder for the SNB’s announcement of their unpegging or a Thai sunbather when the tsunami was going to hit. Only those with propriety control can establish the event horizon. Others are prognosticators who try to divine the end-game but can’t control the rules (or the changes to them). Decipher where you stand in the line and then take action if you think it wise. Stop with the crying for a saviour already. If you’re a believer, can you please inform me of the exact date of the return of Christ?

  • GardensReady4 Growing-Golden SEEDS

    Doesn’t matter how or when it comes, or what event triggers it. Even if you don’t know the foundations of why it must happen. We can FEEL it in our hearts. Something BIG and disasterous is coming. Looks like America will experience the “Argentina meltdown” and shortages.

    Other parts of the world will (or already are experiencing) the Bosnian War type of survival situations.

    Bottom line for ALL of us who “feel it coming”? Start GROWING those gardens, basement mushrooms, etc. Stock up enough long term food to get you thru the winter and springtime planting season until your harvests are ready.
    Plan on preserving your own foods. (Canning, brining, pickling, drying, salting, etc) Get a book on how to do all these things, including how to make vinegar at home.
    Stock up on everything needed for a MOON colony. Big bags of food grade POOL salt ($8 each @ Walmart, Lowes, etc). Big bags of sugar (making jams, jellies, preserve fruits, or make booze.
    20 gallons of vinegar per person. Pickling spices (pounds and pounds). 100’s of canning jars.’

    Read how to make a SOLAR oven,,, very easy and cheaply done. (Someday, the grid will go down, the gas pipes will stop working and the water-sewer system will not be avaiable.

    Stack up some PM’s. Be ready with self defense items and mindset.

    Bug out at home (if you’re not in the city). City dwellers will have a hard time growing & keeping the harvests.
    Sleeping bags will keep you warm in your home when there is NO heating. Etc.

    Plan and think like the Amish, and you’ll do quite well.

  • anon

    This was worth a listen:

    Living Through the Collapse – First Hand Account (Bosnia, 1992-1995/Argentina 2000-2001)

    Take notes.

  • Nursy1

    GardenReady, I’ve been hearing that the only way we’ll be able to grow anything, considering the poisens the planes are dropping on the soil, is having green houses, protected from the noxious fallout. It seems to make sense. Any ideas?

    • Nursy, I’ve had no problem growing food for 9 years now in a fairly large garden in the southeast where we certainly have plenty of chemtrail activity. Honestly, if the exposed soil gets so poisonous that food won’t grow, I won’t really see the point of the struggle against tyranny. In the interim, I do use row covers mainly to keep out insects and rabbits and other critters — but, they also help block pollution from landing on my edibles. Here’s an example, and it helps with frost protection in winter — there are a lot of different thicknesses too, even super thin material for summer.

  • CalSailX

    Prepared… although if maybe your really prepared you might have some subsonic .22 ammunition it might be nice to shoot at a target that doesn’t hear a supersonic pop of a bullet going by… Just how many rounds of hollow rounds did they purchase for the American people.

    Be a shame if they don’t get a chance to use them on us wouldn’t it…

  • CalSailX

    After my first look at TISA… I’m prepared to extract justice from the criminals that think they are above the common law.

  • gary h

    sure enough..looked for Kroger brand brown rice..[going to eat THEIR food before i must get into mine]no have..checked another chain grocery store brand brown rice either..only white shith rice…only ‘Uncle Bens’ brown rice was stocked ..16 oz for $5..12 oz of brown rice WAS 99 cents for years,then $1.29 for 12 oz bag last time i bought it many years ago]..I buy/purchase[bought actually..I’m done buying ..enough for 3-4 years] all my grains from Honeyville in #50 lb. bags,& put them in 5 gal buckets with oxygen absorbers & tight fitting lids obviously[available at Lowes] wheat berry corn,black,white,green beans etc,and/or freeze dried & /or reg. dried goods as well..we turn full seed grains into flour with Vita-Mix machine]but w/o electricity will hammer them into flour!
    “Honeyville” will ship 50 lb containers for $4.99 now[was $4.49] still a fantastic price for shipping goods that heavy..we also have blackberry,raspberry,& strawberries bushes/plants..lot & lots of all 3..enough to eat them everyday of the year [even if we ate them 3 meals a day]as we freeze all x-tra in 5 freezers..all full..we are prepared foodwise,as long as the electricity stays on,& that scares me/us the most obviously..been able to grow all garden items except spinach..i CAN NOT GET spinach up now..we used to grow basket bushels full of spinach,but the chemtrails have affected spinach growing more than any other crop for me
    ,so to offset the no-spinach issue, have bought “Sorrel” seeds[or you can try New Zealand Spinach vine seeds as well],New Zealand & Sorrell very similar to spinach,but Sorrel is actually a perennial will come up in same spot year after year with out re-planting[wonderful],so no worry about spinach now,although have a bunch still frozen when we used to be able to grow buckets full..also leaf lettuce very easy to & red oak..Boston Red [to name a few leaf lettuce types]i have literally millions of lettuce seeds[NO ICEBERG!]
    if TPTB think they can poison the earth’s soil with chem-trail heavy metals[coal ash],& also then come out of their bunker holes after a thermo-nuke war,re-plant heirloom seed from Gate’s Artic seed bank,they ARE all indeed insane..I think all crops that grow underground[carrots,onions,white & sweet potaoes] will continue to do O.K. carrots,white & Sweet potatoes,onions
    the bottom line is none of us are going to get out of here alive anyway,its “how” we die that’s an issue & starving to death is a horrific way togo i 1st & foremost,we MUST get right with the Lord our creator & savior[no Mike Rivero,we humans DID NOT MAGICALLY form one day from a single water molecule by your atheist forces[atheist forces are satanic forces!],what bull ship..if man is smarter than the creator,why can’t man make any &/or all things of this earth & universe,say like…say..will list a couple “easy” ones for starters.. how about making gold or silver? a dog? a flower seed? a tree? the moon? a planet? the sun? stars? a human being WITHOUT ANY MECHANICAL PARTS?P.S. highly recommend growing sweet potatoes..highly nutritious & fairly easy to grow..i order my slips from “Georges Tator Farm”..very re-liable for sweet potato slips & their prices can’t be beat..10 different sweet potatoes types/varieties to choose from,& slips very reasonably priced.buying slips from George waaaay easier than growing your own slips,unless you must grow your own slips].500 slips for $45!& 1 lg sweet potato is $1-$1.50 EACH depending where you live in states]..[200 slips for $35]..they figure the correct shipping time per your location,so you simply wait for them[ a couple weeks past last frost date for your area]& you plant them when they arrive..we space our slips 12″ apart & use 10-10-10 fertilizer on them about 2 times during 95 days growing time..right after planting slips & then again 45 days into growing season..water evenly through out 1st 80 days if no or too little natural rain..sweet potatoes normally still do well even in an all out drought..

  • Johan

    Great article

    Except for:

    “The incompatibility of Muslim immigration has already brought violence to the streets of Sweden”

    I disagree. Swedens immigration fails on itself and has nothing to do with muslims. They are just the target of ignorant people.

  • Gnostic

    Who’s behind it? Jews support & fund white genocide through multi-culturalism, But not in Israel. Jews talk with forked tongues.

    Zionist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of White European ethnic societies

    (1 min video) SPEAKS VOLUMES

  • Gnostic

    Here’s the double standard filmed in Israel

  • Troy

    2015 will be about like 2014. The economic collapse happened along time ago, were just seeing it in slow motion…adjust accordingly. I think false flags will happen all the time now, because they see they can get away with it and the sheeple believe the crap. 2015, the year of the false flags?

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