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Dynamic Death Duo – Kagan + Nuland: Liberal Interventionists

by Michael S. Rozeff, Lew Rockwell:

Why is Victoria Nuland reliably confrontational and antagonistic toward Russia? Why does she push power, force, and military might to the forefront in Ukraine? Why does she risk war with Russia? Why does she even care about Russia’s relations with Ukraine enough to inject the U.S. government into their affairs and conflicts?

Her philosophy is the same as her husband’s, Robert Kagan. One article calls them “THE ULTIMATE AMERICAN POWER COUPLE“. It says “Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan fell in love ‘talking about democracy and the role of America in the world’ on one of their first dates. It’s a shared passion that hasn’t faded over time.” Presumably that inner quote is from one or both of them.

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4 comments to Dynamic Death Duo – Kagan + Nuland: Liberal Interventionists

  • Howard Roark

    “Liberal”…Try JEW, a husband and wife duo of Jude destruction…PLEASE!

  • Oblivion

    Jesus was right! Vipers! We are all being to thrown with purpose toward world catastrophe by people fully aware of its consequences, yet inclined to do so anyway. Jews posing as Americans, Frenchmen, Canadians, Britons, even Muslims and Arabs (House of Saud) are steering the world toward an oak tree going 250mph while the gentile world (the %99.98 of us who aren’t Jewish) bites their nails and watches them do it.

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