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Dr. Jim Willie: Further Down The Road We’re Going To See a MASSIVE Shortage of Gold, Silver AND Copper — GoldSeek LIVE! Webinar

[Ed. Note: Willie begins around the 50:00 mark.]

from GoldSeek:

A LIVE webinar, featuring Dr Jim Willie, CEO Rudy Fronk Seabridge Gold Inc, & Gianni Kovacevic author “My Electrician Drives a Porche?”

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28 comments to Dr. Jim Willie: Further Down The Road We’re Going To See a MASSIVE Shortage of Gold, Silver AND Copper — GoldSeek LIVE! Webinar

  • Joe

    SGT, as a guy who has posted on your blog for years ( I haven’t lately because of too many stories here link to mainstream bs ), it’s time you start following Ken over at

    As I have posted on your numerous times, the East vs West bs is nothing more than another con created by the cabal to ease everyone into the NWO.

    Review Ken’s latest entries and give the guy some of your time. We are at a point where there is barely anytime left. As many people have to wake up as soon as possible.

    • SGT

      more than happy to post this article, and will tomorrow. appreciate the link.

    • Gnostic


      This article at Stormfront is even more damning. Who Rules Russia?

    • glitter 1

      Joe, I agree.Here are two of my previous posts here:

      > The NWO is not what most think.
      > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
      > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
      China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
      > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
      > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
      deduce where this is all headed.
      > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
      Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
      > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground and leave the
      “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

      How would a cabal hell bent on creating a One World Government,which will be a Totalitarian,Socialist/Communist Regime accomplish such a goal.First you create/foster an Idealogy of Capitalism and Communism(Thesis/Antithesis) and institute these let say by the creation of nation states such as America under Capitalism then Totalitarian/Communism under Russia and then China.Now in order to foment the finality/fruition of three planned WW’s in order to bring about the Hegalian Dielectic of Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis to ultimately abolish Captitalism and merge it with Totalitarian/Socialism,you have to first create the discord between the two so that out of the ashes(WWIII)a NWO(One World Totalitarian Socialist Government can emerge.
      Why else would a NWO Wonk like George Soros Brag that” China Will Lead The NWO and America Had Better Get Use To The Idea” Why is all of the West’s Gold being allowed to be siphoned/transferred/looted East to China and a lesser extent Russia.

      These are not random acts,but are the result of a well planned,choreographed,generational sequence of events and they are on track with the end game,which is in sight.The take down of Capitalist America is the last big enchilada.As soon as the US is bankrupted lead into war,in the end all(what’s left) will be merged together into their One World Totalitarian Socialist Government(NWO Utopia,”The Great Work”)

      Oh by the way,The Elites that cntrol the top of all Socialist/Communist Regimes are True Pure Capitalists,They own/control all the wealth,the working class gets the crumbs. All is not what it seems.Connect those DOTS.It has all been written about.It has all been Prophesied to happen,we are the generation that is witness to it.

    • long john silver


      What is our next move?

      In my opinion the only hope we have is individually getting out of the system. stop feeding it. I’m my own Doctor, Dentist, Banker, and food store, when possible. I don’t buy anything that they convince me I need. 7 years with no TV..

      How else do we win? by looking for someone to save us, is what the cabal wants, and they’ll come to the rescue, like they are presently doing with the BRICS. The Greeks have put in a communist party, because they are incapable of individually saving themselves, but propaganda media is a powerful tool, and it does wonders..

      • Joe

        We win by waking up those around us. Friends, family, co-workers ect. more than likely are glued to the propaganda tube. While many of us haven’t regularly watch much televisions for years.

        The key is to show them the truth and compare it to the nonsense that is being peddled on tv. The key is to highlight to them how common things we used to take for granted are being destroyed or phased out. Our way of life. What we stood for. Traditions we used to follow. Values we used to foster and be proud of ect.

        The key is to show them that cabal plan is to destroy EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING that once represented “old America” so that the cabal could then rebuild NEW America into their vision. With old America complete destroyed, the people would have no other choice but to adjust to NEW America.

        Start waking up everyone around you!

        • long john silver

          I wish it was that easy.. My own relatives think I”m a nutjob.. They watch the propaganda, and eat the toxic food along with it.. The vast majority of the World can’t handle the truth, this is what I tell them now.

        • NIX

          Hi Joe,

          I”m happy i found your site and like in the matrix movie, after i devourred all the info and recherche on the site , i did feel from my recherche that what Ken is talking about makes alot of sence to me too.
          Sounds like a good plan ***BUT*** After the leman moment, people will
          – loose their pension OK?
          – bail in OK?
          – disarmed OK?
          – see their familli suffer OK?
          – get oppress by their gov OK?
          – get screwed by paul OK?
          – etc,etc,etc,etc
          I have a hard time picturing John from alabama beeing ruled by over sea master!
          In your view is it really a good plan or a pipe dream?



          • Joe

            NIX, you might want to reread what you thought you read.

            Ken or myself haven’t mentioned any good plan. What is being mentioned is the supposed tensions between the East vs West is nothing but a script that ALL parties are in on to deceive the world’s people into going along ( unbeknownst to them) with a New World Order.

            Also, alot of the very negative things you hear about martial law, doors being kicked in ect. is also a mental conditioning factor to control the population before any events were to happen. In other words as the cabal pushes the extreme story lines of what can happen, using their bought and paid for employees/shills ( ex: Alex Jones ) they’re actual plan is not so extreme but they will get their end result because many people will accept a lesser version of the extreme they have been hearing and mind conditioned for…if that makes sense and if I explained that well enough.

            The cabal live by mind effing!

            The reality is, if enough people get organized and start awakening their family, friends and neighbors, the cabal doesn’t have a chance. The world’s people far out number the very privileged few at the top. This is the what the cabal fear the most.

  • windrunner56

    You cannot possibly link everything Sean. You are doing a great job, hang in there. As I have stated, this is my go to sight every morning. Wayne

  • Joe

    It’s great to see others onboard with the truth!

    SGT, awesome news and thanks for agreeing to post it.

    • Gnostic


      I have a great respect for Real Journalist & Author Christopher Bollyn he stated Infowars is owned by Time Warner who also owns CNN. No one is trustworthy at this stage of the game.

      Full video of Alex Jones’ employee Mike Hanson being questioned by the police officer who reads “Time Warner Cable” off his ID.

  • rl

    Thanks Joe!
    Your starting comment is very welcome, timely indeed.
    I have found the site you link to WAY above the rest, but it takes awhile to get there, for most a long road. Masters of marketing, political science, human nature, and the mind gave us this net from inception. Enough said. Ken(?)at Redefining will be so right ‘i told you so’ will be his right if they get their way. When the coming crash that never comes doesn’t, and the gulag ussa does. Many are seeing beans and bullets might just be a dreamers dream for something that never was while their worst case scenarios minus those do.

  • long john silver

    Sean, I think you should look at inviting James Corbett again, he has showed many ties between the banksters and China, and I’m sure they’ve infiltrated Russia as well.. Nothing is carved in stone though, we are just guessing. Putin may have decided to try to overthrow the banksters.. Once in a while you get a rebel that gets assassinated.

    Larken Rose would be an excellent guest as well..

  • Sam

    Thanks Sean on the note where Willie starts in above. Excellent information as always and much appreciated.

    For those offering other info from other sources,their dissatisfaction issues etc would love to hear discourse right here on these specific discussed issues of what is at hand already in the clip without sidelining immediately to other sources links or poo poos into the rough…

    Willie’s discussion into the issues included are head and shoulders above “most” sheeples distracted comprehension, apparently!

    • Joe

      Sam that fact is most Americans are trained from cradle to grave to reach out for someone to lead them, instead of leading themselves! Many flock to people like Willie for this same exact reason and Willie with his large ego, laps it up.

      Willie is far from a Messiah. It’s been only recently he started mentioning that the dollar will be dead in 2015. I have been mentioning that here since LAST YEAR! So where was Messiah Willie all that time and why so late with the info? Are you starting to get the point.

      We are being rolled into a crash not a collapse that will give the justification for moving us into a new global, multilateral economic system that will based on the SDR ( Special Drawing rights). The SDR system will be a basket of the leading currencies of the world with China and most probably Russia being added as well as gold thrown in there.

      It will be hailed as the event that is needed to fix an eviscerated global economy ( an economy that has been purposely destroyed by the same cast of characters who will trot out the SDR “fix”.) If you aren’t aware, this tactic is known as Hegelian Dialectic, aka problem , reaction, solution! The key tactic the cabal has used for centuries to slowly gain dominance over this globe and everyone who lives in it.

      • Sam

        Hey Joe, there we ALL have it in what you write in that YOU don’t like the information presented because of by WHO presents it and immediately point to other info sites etc.

        WOW…who would have guessed another Golden Jackass basher/distractor claiming to know more about world events, I’m shocked, NOT!

        Very interesting to note how consistent the info from Willie has been and how accurate too. I appreciate the honesty and in depth coverage into the behind the scenes the Golden Jackass presents, especially regarding Ukraine. The two flags over Kiev is very telling and something that we will never see on the likes of MSNBC or the sister Cartoon News Networks (CNN), eh?

        • Joe

          Sam , you come across as little too sensitive. I not trying to bash the messiah Willie. I only was stating facts as I know them.

          • Sam

            Joe, I may be “too sensitive”…but, I can only concentrate on one aspect of the subject at a time as presented. Like I mentioned, I do check out other avenues of info but, the point is, one at time works best for me and the mocking bird distractions do not help as far as I’m concerned. And yes, I do realise the Hegelian aspect and the bigger picture of the devils of the world following into the foot print of the Bible as “Glitter” above mentions but, that is how it has always been.
            FYI, I am not a hattrick subscriber of Dr Jim Willie’s but, this guy has information and accuracy like few others.
            Again. his info regarding Ukraine is spot on and as he covers it with regards to the bigger picture as well, is uncanny. I suspect we will soon see a dual flag of ISIS and USSA flying over former Syria or a part of it like in Damascus soon, sadly.

  • Gnostic

    I heard rumors that willie is working as a bartender in some club med resort down in costa rica, he does his website to supplement his income, his info is really good for the most part. Quite frankly I’m jealous, Willie if you read this are they hiring?

    • windrunner56

      I think Jim WIllie is a little more connected than a bartender in Costa Rica. His Hat Trick letter and website provide most probably a decent income. His contacts are worldwide, his information eagerly awaited by many of us, I think he is far too busy to be serving shooters 🙂 JMO

      All this aside, I believe 2015 is going to be a game changer. Don’t know what that event will be, but everything is aligned that way. Nothing to do with religion, I just feel that way.

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